The Einscan H combines led and infrared to enable full color scanning making it great for scanning people and even hair, something that just about every 3D scanner struggles with. The H is highly accurate as well boasting resolutions of 0.25mm, up to 0.05mm for scanned data, and up to 0.1mm/m for volumetric accuracy. Scanning is quick and efficient with up to 1,200,000 points/s, and with a large scan OFV of 420 x 440mm meaning scanning of most objects takes only minutes. The design is compact and ergonomic, making it easy to transport on location.. On top of all this the H comes with a built-in color camera which means it supports full color texture capturing and tracking by texture.


The EinScan H from Shining 3D is a high-precision professional-grade 3D scanner that utilizes a Hybrid LED and Infrared Light Source for full-color scanning. It allows for easy scanning of dark-colored objects, such as human hair or faces, thanks to its structured and infrared invisible light, combined with innovative capture algorithms. This device offers high-resolution scans, a large scan volume, and fast acquisition speed, among many other useful features. Depending on your needs, you can use it in Standard, Body, or Face Scan modes. Additionally, its built-in HD color camera enables full-color captures and advanced texture tracking. Despite its advanced capabilities, the EinScan H is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, weighing only 703 g, making it convenient to carry.


The recommended object size for scanning with the EinScan H is between 30 and 300 cm.


This scanner's cutting-edge LED & Infrared hybrid technology makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, such as architecture, art and generative design, reverse engineering, 3D printing, manufacturing, AR/VR/3D modeling, heritage preservation and artifact restoration, science and education, healthcare, and full-body and partial human scans.


Check out this stunning and detailed render of an artwork created with the EinScan H. The rich colors and intricate details are a testament to the device's accuracy.


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Scan accuracy

The EinScan H is a portable handheld 3D scanner that delivers outstanding models thanks to its built-in HD camera. The level of precision and acquisition speed you get depends on the mode you choose. For example, the Standard and Body Scan modes offer an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm and a scanning speed of up to 1,200,000 points per second (20 FPS align speed). Meanwhile, the Face Scan Mode utilizes infrared light to capture up to 720,000 points per second (20 FPS align speed), resulting in well-detailed objects with a maximum accuracy of 0.6 mm. The built-in camera also provides a vibrant color map.

Scan volume

The EinScan H boasts an impressive single-scan range. In the Standard and Body Scan modes, it has a 200 to 700 mm depth of field and provides a maximum scan range of 420 x 440 mm with a point distance of 0.25 x 3 mm. Meanwhile, the Face Scan mode features a depth of field of 200 to 1500 mm and a scan range of 780 x 900 mm with a point distance of 0.05 x 3 mm.

Scanning tips

Revised version:


Here are some general tips for better scanning with the EinScan H:


Apply a matte spray to scan objects that are dark, shiny, or transparent with ease.

Use a dark background while scanning.

Choose the correct scanner settings.

Fine-tune the scanner for optimal performance.

Create a controlled environment for more accurate scanning.

Avoid scanning moving objects.

In terms of specific modes, the Standard Scan mode (using an LED light source) is ideal for:


Quickly scanning objects that are 300 mm to 3 m in size.

High accuracy and resolution scanning.

Scanning with markers, features, hybrid, and texture alignments.

The Body Scan mode (using an LED light source) is best for:


Scanning the human body and body parts.

Balancing precision and speed.

The Face Scan mode (using an infrared invisible light source) is best for:


Scanning faces, hair, or body parts.

Scanner controls

To control the scanner, just connect it to your computer via the dedicated USB aviation cable and complete the guided setup.


The EinScan H comes with a powerful and easy-to-use proprietary software, the ExScan Pro, which is a professional-grade solution for 3D scanning and data processing. This software offers advanced options for data editing, such as dense point cloud and polygon mesh generation, texture alignment, and post-processing. Additionally, it's user-friendly and intuitive.


In addition to ExScan Pro, the EinScan scanner is also equipped with the Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition, a powerful 3D design software that supports reverse engineering and 3D printing, generative design, and convergent and synchronous modeling.


For mesh editing tasks, we suggest using the Geomagic Essentials software solution, which provides a comprehensive toolkit for analyzing and cleaning mesh data. Scan data can often be imperfect, with holes and inconsistencies that can be difficult to resolve. While ExScan Pro and SolidEdge do have some tools for fixing meshes, they are not as extensive or automated as those found in Geomagic Essentials. By using the Geomagic Essentials software in the Scan to CAD process, you can save time and achieve more effective results, especially with large files.


With these powerful tools at your disposal, you'll be well-equipped to tackle even the most complex projects.

What’s in the box

  • EinScan H hybrid handheld 3D scanner
  • Power adapter
  • Power cable
  • Calibration board
  • Calibration board support
  • Markers
  • Marker removal tool
  • USB drive

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